On May 26th 2011, new rules governing the use of cookies by websites comes into force in Europe. This means that you are to be given the chance to actively agree (opt-in) to accept cookies on your device. Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

Some cookies are necessary for this site to work properly and will be stored temporarily on your computer and disappear when you close your browser. Cookies are also used so that you will have a better experience as a visitor to this website. Not allowing cookies may prevent you from using certain parts of this website.

Therefore we would like to place cookies on your device in order for this website to function in the way that we intended.



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The new regulations require that users or subscribers of the website consent to the placement of cookies on their device.

PixCookiesRestrict module and system plugin will prevent cookies from being placed on a web device until the user has actively agreed to accept them.

After making just a few settings, publish the PixCookiesRestrict module on every page. You have now disabled cookies from being placed on a visitors web device. Once the visitor has agreed to accept cookies from your website they will no longer see this restrict cookies module and the site will function as intended. If they do not agree to accept cookies the the site will not be able to set standard Joomla! cookies on their device. The visitor will not be able to login or use any commenting functions.

What does PixCookiesRestrict do?
It will stop the standard Joomla! installation cookies from being placed on the visitors device until the visitor has actively agreed to accept cookies by clicking the module button. It will also look for cookies placed there by JavaScript and remove them.
We do not guarantee the prevention and/or removal of all third party cookies, for example cookies placed there by Facebook. However, in the case of Google Analytics, we have developed the plugin, PixAnalytics, to compliment PixCookiesRestrict which will prevent Googles tracking until the user has agreed to accept cookies.

We have added a new layout function to the module so you can display a "block cookies" module, or an "unblock cookies" module or a module that does both, "block and unblock cookies", giving you freedom to adapt these functions to the design of your site.

Important: After installation, enable the System PixCookiesRestrict plugin AND set it to the last position in the ordering.

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